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Creating a vegan future

livE a vegan-friendly lifestYLE

We certify businesses and products as ‘Vegan-Friendly’, provide them with a range of benefits and connect them with our community, so that more people can enjoy a Vegan-Friendly lifestyle.

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Who we are?

Vegan-Friendly is an international non-profit organisation established in 2012 with the aim of ending animal suffering and global warming by increasing the consumption of plant-based food.

Our Agenda

We believe that all animals should be treated fairly with love and compassion. We believe that all humans are equals and we all deserve to be treated with respect and equality. We firmly stand against discrimination of any kind and we are proud to collaborate with people and businesses from all religions, race, residence or any way of life. Our way is of peace, discourse, love and kindness to all living beings. 


Near you

We launched the Vegan Friendly App in the UK, featuring hundreds of amazing Vegan-Friendly restaurants all across the UK. Our app shows vegan menus, user ratings, unique redeemable benefits and much more.

Download now on your mobile phone – https://tinyurl.com/VeganFriendlyWebsite

Easily find where to eat as a vegan
see reviews AND ratings about restaurants and dishes

Get benefits AND discounts From certified restaurants and products

Other Activities



We run lectures on campuses all over the country on health, environment and ethics and their connection to the vegan lifestyle

vegan festivals


We produce the largest vegan festivals worldwide to attract people to learn about our lifestyle and try it themselves.



We help stake holders to get access to relevant data about vegan and flexitarian audiences.

We certify restaurants and products

Exposure to 100,000+ vegans

across the uk

2,000+ brands Internationally 

And growinG

8+ Years of experience

With international businesses

The labelling process helps businesses add and enhance their vegan options. It helps vegans discover new vegan dishes, products and experiences. We have chefs and consultants in our team, waiting to help your brand.


Certified brands


Are you a Vegan-Friendly business or have Vegan-Friendly products? Get in touch if you’d like to be certified or hear more!

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56 The Glades, East Grinstead, West Sussex RH19 3XW, United Kingdom